The Natrona County Suicide Prevention Task force is a volunteer task force that works to spread awareness, prevent suicide, and promote help seeking behavior. 


We intend to reduce suicide by providing information and encouraging action.

Value Statements

* Our suicide rate in natrona county is unacceptably high. doing nothing is not an option.

* There are alternatives to suicide and other destructive behaviors.

* Each person is important and indispensable.

* Suicide prevention is everyone's business


Get Involved

Monthly Meeting

Second Tuesday of the Month, 11am

Mercer Family Resource Center located at 535 West Yellowstone, Casper, Wyoming

Donate today and change lives

To truly increase suicide awareness and prevention throughout the State of Wyoming, it requires hard work from all involved, and we appreciate any dollar amount donation you would like to support our cause with. The Natrona County Suicide Prevention Task force is dedicated to ensuring that any money donated is properly used to progress suicide prevention efforts.

Online donations can be made at our online portal through Mercer Family Resource Center, who acts as our fiscal agent. Use this link to donate: Suicide Prevention Task Force Donations




The Suicide Prevention Awareness Team is a group of youth who are members of the Youth Empowerment Council. They strive for excellence in our community and provide peer to peer presentations throughout our school district and community. 


This presentations is available to anyone. They can provide training and presentations to youth as young as 3rd grade through high school. They are willing to share their passion for suicide prevention to any individual or group who is willing to listen. 


To schedule or for more information:

For more information about S.P.A.T. please call Brittlynn Bulgrin at 307-233-4277 or email at



Feel free to contact us anytime, we are here to help! Feel free to fill out the form below or use the contact information provide to get ahold of us.

Brittlynn Bulgrin, Coordinator


Phone: 307-233-4277

Mail: 535 W. Yellowstone Hwy

         Casper, WY 82601

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