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Natrona County Suicide Prevention Task Force kicks off #instead campaign!!

Using Facebook, our Website, and developing additional materials, we ask others to share* what they have done, what they currently do, and what they hope others will do #instead of suicide. Together we will spread the messages:

Suicide is preventable! There are other options! Help is available!

How to get involved?

  • April 4th, 2016 the #instead event goes live on the task force Facebook page:
  • Visit the task force website: natronacountysuicideprevention.org
  • Share* what you have done #instead by creating images, sharing pictures, and or posting your words and thoughts on the Facebook page, website, or Facebook event
  • Sign your organization up to be visited by the #instead camera to share your ideas.
    (We bring the poster, you write in the words!)
  • Email your ideas, words, images, to tblevins@mercerwy.org
  • Call Traci Blevins at 307-233-4277 to provide quotes

Your* #instead messages: (enter more below)

“#instead of harm myself, I spread smiles. I volunteer. I send random compliment texts and messages to people I love. These things remind me that this world needs the good I can do. Instead of dwelling on feeling hopeless, I spread hope to others. I know in my heart that I belong here, alive. That this world needs me. That the world actually IS a better place because I’m in it.”


*#instead images, words, and quotes, shared with task force members, on task force website or Facebook may be developed as additional marketing tools, such as: t-shirts, pictures, posters, fliers, handouts at suicide prevention events, and other awareness messages.